A Message to Visitors to Jiangxi from Outside China’s Mainland

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In the past more than a month, with the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the support of the international community, Jiangxi has achieved scientific results in preventing and controlling the epidemic. As of March 6, 2020, 935 confirmed cases have been reported in our province, 916 of which have been cured and discharged. The number of newly confirmed cases has been less than one for two consecutive weeks, and there are no new cases for eight consecutive days.

It’s clear that the world still faces a severe challenge in fighting against COVID-19. Newly confirmed cases and suspected cases have been rapidly increased in some countries and regions,the risks of cross-border spread have been increasing. Jiangxi Province will continue to strengthen local epidemic prevention and control, actively promote information sharing and joint prevention and control with relevant countries and regions, focus on coping with and effectively resolving the risk of cross-border spread of epidemic, and make due contributions to win the global epidemic prevention war in an all-round way.

A common enemy of human beings, COVID-19 requires our concerted efforts for its prevention and control. Accordingly, we’d like to offer a special reminder to people outside China’s mainland who plan to visit Jiangxi shortly:


According to Jiangxi’s regulations related to epidemic control, all the ones from outside the mainland must truthfully complete the Entry/Exit Health Declaration Form when entering Jiangxi and report to the customs their identity information, residence in Jiangxi, contact numbers, travel purpose, and health-related information (including personal health status, travel and residence history in the affected countries/regions over the previous 14 days, exposure to COVID-19 patients or patients with fever or respiratory symptoms).


Related departments of the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province will continue paying close attention to the latest developments of the epidemic worldwide and the arrivals entering Jiangxi. If necessary, health evaluation and management services will be provided according to the regulations on differentiated prevention and control that depends on the epidemic severity of different places. Corresponding measures will treat both Chinese and foreigners equally. The measures are to be taken to fully reflect the respect and care for life and health, we hope incoming visitors cooperate and understand our consideration for them.


Please take strong self-care by minimizing outdoor activities, avoiding crowded places, and having neither gatherings nor eating together. When going out, it’s a must to wear a face mask properly and discard used masks in a required manner. Maintain a good hygiene habit with special care for hand and mouth cleanliness. Avoid exposure to wildlife and birds. Meat and eggs can only be eaten when thoroughly cooked.

Please pay close attention to the notices released in Jiangxi on the epidemic prevention and control. We appreciate your understanding, cooperation and support for our control measures. We stand ready to provide dedicated services to friends coming afar and help you overcome difficulties and problems in this process.

Any problems during your stay in Jiangxi, please contact the 24-hour hotline of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Jiangxi: 18270829126 (English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and German services)or the service hotline of Jiangxi Provincial Health Commission: 0791-12320(Chinese service).

Jiangxi Headquarters for the Prevention and Emergency Control of the Epidemic

March 7th, 2020

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